North Sulphur River, Fannin co., TX
Jan. 5, 2008

Today we went on a Dallas Paleo Society group hunt to the famous North Sulphur River near Ladonia, Texas.   The North Sulphur river cuts through the Ozan formation.  The age here is circa 80 mya.

The group met in the Ladonia town square about 8:15.  Half the group went to hunt at the Hwy 34 bridge crossing just north of town and the other half chose to hunt the FM904 crossing just east.  
After not finding much here me and Roz moved on to the FM2990 crossing and picked through a bit of the "red zone".   
mosasaur vert


top view
At 1pm most of the group met back at the Ladonia town square to show off our finds and get food.  Some of the group went on to Gober to help flip the plaster field jacket containing the most recent mosasaur skeleton find.
Tina's fish jaw
Wes' scaphites and small ammonite
Kerry's gastropods and fish  tooth
Jonathan's vert
Brian's vert
L-R: Wes, Don, Kerry, Don's wife, Roz (in pink), and ?
After lunch we hit another bridge crossing but didn't find anything.  On the way home we stopped at Greenville and picked up some Starbuck's mocha lattes.  Everywhere we went on this trip there were fresh footprints.