Geology of Tarrant County, Texas

The source geological map used is "Geologic Atlas of Texas, Dallas Sheet" - Bureau of Economic Geology, 1987.  The map was digitally distorted in some spots to align the roads with the more accurate modern map BUT there is still some distortions and alignment is not perfect.  Colors used here are arbitrary.

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 Tarrant County, Texas geological map in JPG form
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Tarrant County, Texas Geology in 12 parts:

Geological Formations:
Holocene Period: Qal - Quaternary alluvium
Pleistocene Period: Qt - Quaternary terrace 
Cretaceous Period: Kef - Eagle Ford
Kwb - Woodbine
Kgm - Mainstreet & Grayson 
Kpd - Denton, Weno, Pawpaw 
(undivided on map)
Kwl - Weno 
Kfd - Fort Worth & Duck Creek
(undivided on map)
Kdc - Duck Creek
Kki - Kiamichi
Kgl - Goodland
Kwa - Walnut 
Kpa - Paluxy sand

Stratigraphy of Denton County, Texas