The NEW dinosaur tracks at Glen Rose, Texas
"Joanna's Tracks" Jan. 13, 2010

Today I took some photographs of some new dinosaur tracks we discovered October 30, 2009 in Glen Rose, Texas.  The tracks are in a thin crusty layer between two gray shale layers. There are two separate theropod (?) trackways oriented at "233 degrees and 216 degrees" and some more randomly oriented sauropod tracks. These layers are evidently part of the tidal flats environment recorded in the upper Glen Rose formation.  More professional study is required to make a proper determination though.  If the currently exposed track layer continues to the east they could run for 200 feet.  There are also more trackways preserved at different levels at this locality. 

See also more pictures from Jan. 24, 2010 where Roger Fry member of the Dallas Paleontological Society takes some preliminary measurements.

In January-May 2010 several local professional paleontologists were notified about these tracks.  Click Here for more info. 

These new tracks are named in honor of a special girl by the land owner.  Paleontologist Jerry Jacene, who also discovered the tracks, is currently working to develop the site as a future dinosaur tracks Park for the City of Glen Rose.
The theropod (3-toe) tracks are certain.  The sauropod (round) tracks are speculative.