The NEW dinosaur tracks at Glen Rose, Texas - part 2
"Joanna's Tracks" - Jan. 24, 2010

Today a friend named Roger helped document and measure some of the new dinosaur tracks we discovered in October 2009 near Glen Rose, Texas. There are two seperate theropod (?) trackways oriented at "233 degrees and 216 degrees" and some more randomly oriented sauropod tracks. Further excavation would be required to determine a possible stride length of the dinosaurs.

See also Jan. 13, 2010.
We also found a few fossils about the same level indicating general environment which was probably a tidal flats environment consistant with other trackways documented from the upper part of the Glen Rose Formation:
unknown oyster
unknown clam (internal mold)
Click the thumbnail image below for a excellent illustration of this time period by artist Julius Csotonyi.